Marrying simple design principles with modern innovation, SKAGEN is reinventing the fashion-technology category by creating a line of wearables that is as attractive and intuitive as it is smart: Skagen Connected.

Beyond aesthetics, the SKAGEN design team placed an emphasis on function, creating products that will enhance users’ everyday lives without adding unnecessary complexity.

Built into SKAGEN’s popular Hagen casebody, Skagen Connected will debut in four styles, each with the familiar look of a traditional analog watch. However, by integrating cutting-edge technology developed by wearable tech company Misfit, SKAGEN Connected devices sync wirelessly to a proprietary app, available for iOS or Android.

The branded app displays user data in a cleanly designed, easy-to-understand format. Users can manage their notification filters, activity tracking, SKAGEN Link settings and goals through the user-friendly interface.

Founded in 1989, SKAGEN creates products for men and women that provide function with a modern aesthetic. Inspired by simplicity, nature and the global world, SKAGEN is innovative and strives to make its mark on time.

Our spring collection is inspired by the energy and vitality of the season. As bright colors appear in nature’s new blooms, fresh grass and sunny skies, we, too, pack away our muted winter wardrobe in favor of livelier tones.

As blue continues to be the defining color story for our brand, this season, we introduce a bright, vibrant blue to match the feeling of spring. The shade is playful, energetic and light—just like SKAGEN. This color appears across watches, bags and accessories.

We also continue to innovate, expanding upon our collection of hybrid smartwatches and introducing a material recycled from plastic bottles in our bag collection.